Do a double-take.

There are no buttons to press, nothing to do. Simply drop Glo in your favorite drink - it'll do the rest! 

Glo uses patented technology to detect liquid - drop it in a beverage, and it comes on. Finish a beverage, and Glo turns back off - and is able to be reused again later. Pretty cool, huh?

Glo eliminates the need for buttons and switches, allowing bartenders to light drinks quickly enough to support patrons at high volumes.


Dynamic Colors

Glo subtly cycles through nine colors, creating a dynamic atmosphere guaranteed to grab attention - just drop a cube in and watch you and your drink be the focus of attention.


Customize with Logos and Projection

Every cube can be customized with your company's logo - and can even project logos at your request. Imagine the surprise when someone lifts a drink off of a table, and sees your logo underneath. 


A Real Conversation Starter

The concept behind Glo is to help bring people together. We do that by creating a product that grabs anyone's attention. Watch your next event light up with Glo.