Hanna Headshot.jpg

Meet Hanna

Title: Director of Sales/Mediator

Nickname: Nancy from Human Resources/Handre' the Giant/Dog Whisperer

Fast  facts: 

- George Clooney once signed my glow in the dark cast during the filming of “O Brother Where Art Thou”

I once met “Stanley” from the Office at the Miami airport when he was coming out of the bathroom

I have a special needs dog named Piper – formerly named “Dory” who went missing for 14 days and survived solely on Subway deli meats

Favorite drink: Tequila water with two lime slices

First time she used Glo: When Anna Barker was running around popping them in people’s drinks at the Bin a few years ago. Funny story, I told her they needed to link up with someone with sales and a rep group – and here I am ;)

Hanna handles all things sales for Glo and is happy to help customize your order. Simply reply via email or contact her via email or phone below.

Hanna Bridge | Sales Director | hanna@getglo.com | (866) 996-2156 x8