The Glo Group


Hagan Walker

CEO, Office Schmidt

Nickname: "Chicken little" and my mom calls me "Hagie"

Fast facts:

  • I typically drive a golf cart to work

  • My dog has a Spanish name, Canelo, which means "cinnamon"

  • I've jumped out of an airplane. Twice.

Favorite drink: Moscow Mule

Anna Headshot.jpg

Anna Barker

Director of Business Development, Office Dog Mom

Nickname: “Dwight”

Fast facts: 

  • I am bilingual.

  • I've been to more 20 countries. 

  • I was a bar tender in Northern Ireland.

Favorite drink: Red wine

Hanna Headshot.jpg

Hanna Bridge

Director of Sales, Nancy from HR

Nickname: “Handre the Giant”

Fast facts:

  • George Clooney once signed my glow in the dark cast during the filming of “O Brother Where Art Thou”

  • I once met “Stanley” from the Office at the Miami airport when he was coming out of the bathroom

  • I have a special needs dog named Piper – formerly named “Dory” who went missing for 14 days and survived solely on Subway deli meats

Favorite drink: Tequila water with two lime slices

Catherine Headshot.jpg

Catherine Jones

Accounting & Operations, Lunch Schedule Coordinator

Nickname: "Cat”

Fast facts:

  • Jesse palmer from ESPN liked my Instagram post.

  • My cat weighs 13 pounds

  • Zendaya was eating at the same restaurant as me and she left her purse at her table. I chased her down to return it to her and got to meet her!

Favorite drink: Blueberry Mojito


Jonathan Williams

Marketing & Business Strategy

Nickname: "Jonny Boy”

Fast facts: 

  • I speak fluent mandarin

  • I am half Chinese half American

  • I have a Shorkie named Alfred that I found on a YouTube video

Favorite drink: Moscow Mule