Glo® Liquid-activated cubes (4-pack)

Glo® Liquid-activated cubes (4-pack)


Get our NEW 4-pack of Glo for HALF PRICE!

As seen on Tipsy Bartender! Glo is a lighted drink enhancer that illuminates the container and cycles through a range of colors once it's dropped in liquid. 

Conveniently sold in packs of 4 units. Own a bar, restaurant, or other venue? Glo looks great there too. CLICK HERE for wholesale orders and we'll send you a custom pricing sheet ASAP.

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Additional Information:

  • Glo is safe, non toxic, designed in the USA, BPA, Hg, and phthalates free.

  • Glo automatically lights up when placed in any beverage and color cycles through 9 different colors.

  • Glo dynamically cycles from one color to another, NO jarring or annoying flashing colors.

  • Glo turns off immediately when a drink has been consumed or Glo is removed from a beverage. No drying. No waiting.

  • Glo is battery operated and sealed tight for safety. The batteries are non-replaceable, but the units are reusable and can last for weeks.